$20,000 Sign Language & Translation Opportunity With the California Department of State Hospitals

California Department of State Hospitals manages the California state hospital system, which provides mental health services to patients admitted into DSH facilities.

They require an agency to provide American Sign Language Interpretation Services on an as-needed basis; to assist the medical staff at State Hospitals in providing the highest quality of medical care reasonable and consistent with available resources.

-The contractor shall provide two Interpreters at the Standard Rate per Interpreter if the assignment lasts longer than one hour and/or is detailed in nature.
-The contractor shall have a locally based contact person available by telephone during normal business hours (8am to 430pm.) Initial contact by the Hospital will be by telephone, however, the Hospital shall follow up with a faxed or e-mailed request for services form.
-Assignments for American Sign Language services will be for a minimum of four hours. Should assignments conclude in less than four hours Contractor shall bill DSH at no more than four hours for the scheduled service.

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