Bouncing Back After Lockdown

Our Top Tips

2020 feels like it’s been going on forever already, but we’re only 6 months in. With countries gradually easing their Covid-19 lockdowns, we thought we’d give our top tips for re-emerging from lockdown with a growth mindset.


Most businesses will have been affected in one way or another during the last few months. Whether it’s through losing clients, not picking up as many new clients as you would normally, or even having to furlough some staff to stay afloat. Whatever your situation, it’s been a turbulent time, and a lot has changed in the workplace.


Set Your Goals

The first step is to define where you want to be, and that may well mean disregarding your previous goals and targets. We’re in a different world now, and breaking even may now be your target at first, or recovering some clients who have drifted away during the crisis. Set new targets and goals that are achievable and realistic based on where your business currently is, so that you’re not trying to reach something unobtainable and getting disheartened as you get moving again.


Scale Up Your Marketing

Secondly, we’d recommend focussing on your marketing efforts. Too many businesses shut off their marketing and cut costs in that area when times are hard, when actually using good creative marketing will enable you to grow and put yourself in the best possible position. Think about how you can set yourself apart, how your values are relevant in the marketplace, and where your leads are going to come from right now to get you back to growth.


Give Back to Your People

The world is increasingly conscious of businesses that take the right stance and do the right thing. We’ve tried to help by running a bounce back competition for a business to win a free annual subscription for instance. Think how you can give back to your local business community, collaborate with competitors, and try to do right by your people (and the inevitably high number of job seekers). Give people a chance, and give back where you can so you can give yourself and others a really positive experience in the post-lockdown age.


Most of all be kind, don’t give up (the work is out there – see our recent infographic for instance), and push forwards to get your business back on track to make the most of the rest of what 2020 brings!