Case Study: Envirron Productions

Video production services are in high demand and while that’s great for those working in the sector it can also make things a lot more challenging. Everyone is competing for the same business and finding the time to go out and pitch for work isn’t easy – especially in the current climate where face-to-face networking is no longer possible and you’re often relying on word of mouth, the reputation and visibility of your brand and website, or social media to promote your services.

Envirron Productions, a Texas-based video production company, signed up to work with Meet Hugo in July 2020 in order to aid their lead generation efforts and increase their new business pipeline and we’re delighted to have them on-board with us. They have been kind enough to provide some great feedback for us which has helped us create this case study and hope it provides you with the kind of information and endorsement you might need to sign up or partner with us too!

Who are Envirron Productions?

    Specialising in all forms of video from short clips designed for social media campaigns to longer, promotional videos for advertising and training purposes; Envirron create a wealth of high quality visuals in 4K formats ensuring that they are of the cutting edge in terms of visual quality.

    Visual content is among the most consumed formats at the moment, boosted by the boom in social media and people’s need to have everything at their fingertips in short, digestible formats as opposed to long-form content. Videos engage all audience demographics and can be shared via social media, email and even apps such as WhatsApp in a matter of moments and this has meant video production companies such as Envirron Productions are in high demand.

    Envirron produce a range of different videos including:

    • Corporate ‘About Us’ and promotional videos
    • Animated videos
    • Informational videos
    • Sector-specific videos
    • Spokesperson, interviews and testimonials
    • Product demonstrations
    • Events

    Why Meet Hugo?

    While the video industry is receiving plenty of interest it’s still important to be able to reach out to prospective customers to keep growing. Standing still, in many ways, is the same as going backwards and in an ever-evolving sector like video production this was not an option for Enivrron – which is why they chose to subscribe to Meet Hugo. 

    “As the only member of the sales team I really needed a hand bringing in new leads to take some of the legwork out of the process,” said Abbey Killin, Director of Sales and Creative Services at Envirron told us.

    “I learned about Meet Hugo from a previous marketing company who recommended the platform and it’s already exceeding my expectations. We wanted between two and five leads per month and we’re way ahead of that. Not only that, we’ve already seen an increase in time efficiencies and this means I can spend more time chasing up leads and putting together high quality pitches,” she told us.

    Abbey went on to add that “Meet Hugo are a hard-working team who try to discover the best prospective clients for your service. It’s great to be able to leave a review in your account related to the leads they send in so they can continue adjusting the types of leads and sectors to suit your needs. If your own circumstances or objectives change, you can adjust the leads without any issue. My Customer Success Manager, Becky, has also been wonderful in leading the research teams, steering them – and ultimately us – in the right direction.”

    We love it when our subscribers come forward with such excellent quotes about our team and services, and really hope that you may have been convinced that Meet Hugo is the right sales intelligence platform for you.

    If so then you can speak to a member of our sales team now to arrange a free demonstration to see just how Meet Hugo works and how it could help you to increase leads, reduce legwork and grow your business.

    You can sign up today on a quarterly or annual subscription, and we’ll deliver the best new business opportunities in your sector straight to your inbox along with all you need to know about how you can be considered to pitch.