Client Wins $20k Contract in First Month With Meet Hugo

A US video production company has secured a $20k project with a local authority within a month of signing up with Meet Hugo. 

Agreeing a $399 quarterly package on 6th July 2020, Keaton Nye Films secured the contract for video production services on 5th August giving them a 4,912 percent return on investment and an immediate investment gain of $19,601.

“Exactly what we’re looking for”

Owner of the business, Keaton Nye, described the lead as “exactly what we’re looking for” in terms of a prospect which is testament to the research performed by the in-house research team at Meet Hugo and a long way from the automated, often random leads generated by fully automated systems. 

It is this personal element combined with industry-leading technology that makes Meet Hugo stand out from the crowd in terms of sales intelligence platforms.

Customers can specify key criteria that they look for in a prospect and the Meet Hugo team use their tools and expertise to deliver multiple leads and detailed sales intelligence each week.

Unlike other lead generation platforms that simply rely on algorithms and auto-generated notifications that can present irrelevant leads that can infuriate paying customers, Meet Hugo uses the latest industry technology and combines this with personal research from highly skilled researchers from within the business to generate leads that meet the specific needs of the clients at that point. 

Even if circumstances change, the subscription package enables the user to adapt their requirements to ensure that they only receive targeted opportunities to increase their pipeline and grow their businesses with genuine, relevant, high quality leads.

Another success for Meet Hugo

The Meet Hugo sales intelligence platform has already had a number of success stories in its relatively short lifespan. 

In addition to helping NYE Films secure a major contract inside a month, the platform continues to help customers around the world with more than 500 individual businesses from 10 countries already signed up to receive targeted opportunities to help increase their pipelines and ultimately grow their businesses.

Key sector statistics

The video sector is just one area where Meet Hugo has helped put a smile on the face of our customers. As you’ll see from the statistics below, Meet Hugo has already helped win hundreds of projects, bringing in thousands of pounds for our very happy clients across various niches.

At the time of publishing, these are our latest stats from a range of client sectors:

  • Branding and Design: 521 projects won in 2020 – average project size 32k
  • IT and Telecoms: 352 projects won in 2020 – average project size 48k
  • Marketing and Advertising: 567 projects won in 2020 – average project size 40k
  • Translation: 297 projects won in 2020 – average project size 29k
  • Video and Animation: 501 projects won in 2020 – average project size 34k

To find out more about how you can do the same for you and your company, get in touch with a member of the Meet Hugo sales team today who would be happy to run through the service and even provide a demo so you can see how the system works for yourself.