Finding New Prospects Just Got Easier With Meet Hugo

Meet Hugo’s research capabilities set us apart from traditional lead generation services. Aided by industry-leading technology, our research team delivers opportunities to you that make prospecting quicker, simpler and more powerful.

Save Time

Take the legwork out of your sales process with our sales intelligence and live projects that are relevant to your business.

Stay In Control

Our sales insight is delivered based upon your criteria and tailored to your feedback for an ever-improving service.

Build Your Pipeline

Each prospect that we deliver adds to your pipeline, giving you greater chance of closing sales and growing your business.

What Information Does Meet Hugo Find?

Find out about the types of information you can expect.

Intel: We get under the skin of hundreds of thousands of businesses, to give you the inside track on who you should be contacting to win new business. The primary contact has specified a need for your service, and a budget or estimated budget is included.

Tenders: We save you time by filtering all relevant tender opportunities, so you have the right ones to bid on for your business, whilst also reminding you of quotation deadlines. This allows you to access relevant tenders in a quicker, more cost-effective way.

Job Moves: We advise when key decision makers have been hired into new roles, also providing an insight into company activity. This helps to indicate probable immediate or future requirements for your services.

Buying Signals: We’ll highlight the businesses that will benefit from your services based on a variety of data led signals around intent & situation. We track several data points of thousands of businesses to validate their increased intent to buy.


Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a fantastic tool to help build your sales
pipeline! It saves you hours by finding potential leads
who either have a requirement through social media
intel or have been selected based on criteria that are
relevant to your business. We’ve seen great responses
from calls and emails we’ve made and have already
won business on the back of it!
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Slide background CASE STUDY I won a $15,000 tourism video project in my first
month with Meet Hugo. The intelligence & leads
provided have been exactly what we're looking for.
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a great new business tool for our business.
The intel feature is so useful in providing warmed up
leads for real people who are actively looking for people to
contact them regarding specific projects. We’ve won
several projects so far and we’ve got several more pipeline
opportunities underway too!
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is an absolutely bitchin' service, I'll be the first to
say I was dubious at first, but having given the guys a
chance, they're smashed it for us and in one month
garnered us a few huge pieces of business. The fun doesn't
stop there either, the team are always innovating and
improving the service based on feedback.
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Where We Source Leads & How We Work With Clients

Find out a little more about how it all works on a day-to-day basis.

Sourcing Opportunities

Our Research Team sources relevant opportunities for you in a number of ways. We have an ever-growing database of companies where we track thousands of data points showing changes in their activity. Combined with an extensive procurement network and enhanced by several standalone services, Meet Hugo provides opportunities and intelligence you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Our Process

At Meet Hugo, we want to support your business development goals in the long term. That’s why you’re able to feed back on every opportunity you receive with our 5 star system. 

Our Customer Success Management team can bridge the understanding between your needs and our research team, so the relevance of the opportunities we provide is central to the service we provide to you.

Our Platform

Our easy to use platform is where you’ll pick up your opportunities each day.

When signing up to Meet Hugo, you’ll have access to your own account with all the features that make prospecting easier than ever before. 

Search Criteria

Use our ready-made search criteria to help us learn more about the services you provide and the type of prospects that would be an ideal fit for you to work with

Your Opportunities

See all of the opportunities we assign to you in one centralised, easy to use space

Refer A Friend

Invite other businesses to use Meet Hugo so they too can benefit from a better way to reach new prospects