Introducing The Latest Updates to Meet Hugo

We’ve had a great few months here at Meet Hugo with subscriptions passing the 600-mark for the first time and trebling our UK staff level during the lockdown period – but that doesn’t mean we’re taking anything for granted with our industry-leading sales intelligence platform.

In recent months it’s been great to see so many new quarterly and annual subscriptions from clients right around the world, but we’re always looking for ways to make the platform even better. User experience is every bit as important to us as delivering the best leads for our clients and that’s why our team of in-house developers have been working day and night to deliver the most intuitive Meet Hugo platform to date. 

Here are just a few examples of the updates we’ve made ahead of our October release so you can get a feel for the new and improved features and continue finding those new business opportunities that help you to grow your business.

A giant leap forward

A lot of changes and upgrades to websites and platforms go fairly unnoticed, but the latest update to Meet Hugo is a generational update that makes it the most advanced version we’ve ever rolled out. 

We’re not just talking about a couple of minor coding updates or changes to some of the wording, fairly insignificant updates that might improve the look and feel of the platform, but major upgrades that make Meet Hugo easier to use and much more aesthetically pleasing, too.

In addition to changes that you will be able to see on Meet Hugo we’ve also made huge upgrades to the technology in place. We know that we can’t stand still and we’ve made plans for the future with this update that ensure that we can roll out changes more efficiently than ever before when we’re ready to deliver the next batch of upgrades to our system. 

By future proofing the platform we can deliver a range of new core features that are on our roadmap including integrations with other platforms, opportunity volume calculations based on client briefs and a number of other exciting enhancements and innovations that are coming to Meet Hugo in the not-too-distant future.

Why have we made these changes?

There is plenty of justification to say that some upgrades aren’t necessary, but with Meet Hugo’s latest update we believe that we’ve made huge progress.

The new technology will enable us to make more rapid changes and improvements to our sales intelligence platform so you will see all of the latest features and improvements more frequently. As soon as they’re ready to be rolled out across the platform, they will be.

So what changes have we made?

Our developers have worked tirelessly to deliver the best version of Meet Hugo that we possibly could, and the new version is faster, cleaner and easier to understand than ever before. We understand that some changes to platforms can make it more difficult to find things, especially when you’re used to a particular layout, but we’re pretty confident that this is the best user experience we’ve ever had and you’ll be up to speed with the new version in moments.

We’ve also made updates to the way we deliver your opportunities and match your search criteria. One of the major features of Meet Hugo is the ability to update your criteria to suit your business objectives and we’ve now made this much simpler and much clearer. Not only that, the type of opportunities that we deliver based on these specifics is more intelligently matched than ever before, ensuring that you get the most qualified leads possible.

There have also been changes to our services tagging criteria. Rather than having thousands of different tags we’ve created a standardised list to choose from, along with the job titles involved in the process, and this means that we can tighten your brief and improve your opportunities because we’re all looking for the same thing.

You also have the ability to add other members of your team to your account. If you wish for new members to be notified about new opportunities then you can ensure that they receive the daily or weekly notifications so you can take time off without worrying that you’re missing a vital new business opportunity.

Let us know what you think

We would love to hear what you think of the changes we’ve made, and are always looking for feedback on our platform. If you’d like to suggest any further upgrades or if you notice any bugs in the system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

In the meantime, thank you again for your commitment to Meet Hugo and keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our blog. If you’re not currently signed up with us then you can do so by speaking to our sales team who will organise a free demo for you, or you can sign up for a quarterly or annual package with us online.