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Meet Hugo helps Marketing and Advertising companies to find new prospects related to their specialisms, every single day. From content marketing overhauls to media campaigns, we can help you find prospects in need of your services.

Hundreds of Marketing & Advertising Agencies Have Grown With Meet Hugo.

Happy marketing & advertising clients, growing their companies by discovering opportunities to do business with their ideal prospects.

How Meet Hugo Works For You

Find out how Meet Hugo works in your sector and the types of information you can expect.

  • Tracking companies specifically requesting your services

  • Finding tender opportunities related to Marketing, Digital Marketing & Advertising

  • Finding companies who are addressing their company strategy for the year or on the even of a new milestone for the business


  • Funding updates for the most exciting new UK & US start ups who may require Digital Marketing services to help them grow
Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a fantastic tool to help build your sales
pipeline! It saves you hours by finding potential leads
who either have a requirement through social media
intel or have been selected based on criteria that are
relevant to your business. We’ve seen great responses
from calls and emails we’ve made and have already
won business on the back of it!
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a great new business tool for our business.
The intel feature is so useful in providing warmed up
leads for real people who are actively looking for people to
contact them regarding specific projects. We’ve won
several projects so far and we’ve got several more pipeline
opportunities underway too!
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is an absolutely bitchin' service, I'll be the first to
say I was dubious at first, but having given the guys a
chance, they're smashed it for us and in one month
garnered us a few huge pieces of business. The fun doesn't
stop there either, the team are always innovating and
improving the service based on feedback.
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Recent Leads & Projects

See some of the latest marketing & advertising projects we’re working on below, and get in touch if you’d like the full details.

Renewable Energy Area Marketing Campaign

Renewable Energy Area Marketing Campaign

Renewable Energy Area Marketing East, UKA renewable energy area is looking for a marketing agency to advance its position. The area is looking to enhance its position as a world leader in offshore renewables, maximise its visibility to Government and investors and...

Community College Marketing Plan

Community College Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan & Implementation For Community College Maine, USAA community college is seeking a marketing agency to provide the following marketing plan development services: Creative Planning and Strategy - In prior campaigns, has spent roughly annually on...

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