Grow Your Sales Pipeline Today

Find new opportunities and close more deals with Meet Hugo. Meet Hugo adds power to your prospecting efforts.


✔️ Receive leads and sales intelligence each week
✔️ Cutting edge technology, manually assigned and verified
✔️ Dedicated account management
✔️ Full flexibility of your search criteria and subscriptions

Discover New Leads

Meet Hugo helps you to discover leads and sales intelligence to give your business the edge.

We specialise in generating tailored leads and sales intelligence that can empower your sales team. Here’s how:  

  • Meet Hugo tracks thousands of companies in a number of ways
  • We interpret multiple data points to understand company activities
  • Our research team qualifies and validates all of our insights
  • We only assign opportunities that are great fit for your prospecting needs.  

Make More Sales

Meet Hugo was designed to help B2B companies with the opportunities to close more sales.

Meet Hugo was designed to help B2B companies with the opportunities to close more sales. Whether you own a small business and want to scale your sales, or want to empower your sales team, then Meet Hugo can cater to your needs. 

Grow your sales pipeline, consistently

We provide an average of 6 – 10 leads and sales intel every single week for most businesses that we work with.  


Stay ahead of the pack

We assign our opportunities to 2-3 of our most relevant clients to prevent over competition. 

A service that’s always relevant

Use our feedback system and work with our Customer Success team to ensure your leads are always a neat fit for your needs.

Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a fantastic tool to help build your sales
pipeline! It saves you hours by finding potential leads
who either have a requirement through social media
intel or have been selected based on criteria that are
relevant to your business. We’ve seen great responses
from calls and emails we’ve made and have already
won business on the back of it!
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Slide background CASE STUDY I won a $15,000 tourism video project in my first
month with Meet Hugo. The intelligence & leads
provided have been exactly what we're looking for.
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is a great new business tool for our business.
The intel feature is so useful in providing warmed up
leads for real people who are actively looking for people to
contact them regarding specific projects. We’ve won
several projects so far and we’ve got several more pipeline
opportunities underway too!
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Slide background CASE STUDY Meet Hugo is an absolutely bitchin' service, I'll be the first to
say I was dubious at first, but having given the guys a
chance, they're smashed it for us and in one month
garnered us a few huge pieces of business. The fun doesn't
stop there either, the team are always innovating and
improving the service based on feedback.
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Manage Your Sales Data

We don’t just add intelligence and qualification to your prospect funnel, we make the whole process much easier too.

Here’s how our service works: 

  • Receive a regular stream of relevant and tailored leads, every single week

  • Better manage your opportunities in a simple, easy-to-use account

  • Track the status of your prospect conversations directly in the platform

  • Quickly provide feedback on every opportunity, so you receive more of the opportunities that bring you the most value