The Latest On UK Business During Lockdown

The rapid spread of coronavirus has taken its toll on everybody in one way or another, whether that be directly or indirectly. Since the national lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March, there have been several questions and concerns surrounding the economical impact this crisis may have on UK businesses. 

Most companies have really had to adapt to the new, albeit very strange, circumstances to be able to survive and keep their business thriving. However, despite the worry that the economy would completely fall flat, some industries in the UK have been absolutely soaring with growth. 

How Much Growth We’ve Seen

We’ve created an infographic that displays some very positive numbers about UK business since lockdown across a range of industries. Over the last three weeks, we have sourced a variety of government tenders equalling a total of £4.7bn across mainland UK. IT, finance and real estate are just some of the sectors that we have found high value work in, totalling to £682m alone.  

And that’s not all – between the 23rd of March and the 14th of April, we have uploaded a total of £62m worth of leads for work in the private sector on our platform. From web design and development to recruitment, we have active work on our platform covering an array of sectors. 

Meet Hugo exists to help your business grow, particularly in crises like these where the conditions are so alien to us and pose extreme challenges for companies across the nation. We’re hoping that these stats and data reassure you that those challenges can be fought against and your business can still prosper during this pandemic. 

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