Translation and Language Services for NHS Foundation Trust


A major hospital in the NHS Foundation Trust is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System ‘DPS’ for the provision of Language Services including Spoken Face to Face Interpretation; Non-spoken Face to Face Interpretation (including British Sign Language), Telephone & Video Interpretation & Written Translation & Transcription & Ancillary Services.

The DPS is structured to offer participating authorities flexibility & choice. It shall be a matter of judgment for the participating authorities to decide which particular lot(s) are most appropriate to meet their specific requirements, to best deliver their business needs.

The Language Services are given in the Lots listed below. Lots 1-3 are divided in to regional sub-lots. Providers will submit responses based on their experience and capabilities in the individual Lots, and on the regions to be covered.

It is envisaged that providers will submit their tenders in the following combinations: A Tender for only one Language Service Lot (a single Lot or sub-lot within Lots 1 through to 5), A Tender for multiple Language Service Lots (a combination of Lots or sub-lots within Lots 1 through to 5), A Tender for all the Language Service Lots (Lots 1 through to 5 including all sub-lots). Providers are at liberty to tender for any or all of the Lots and/or regional sub-lots.

During their decision-making process providers should consider the following points:

— Their expertise in carrying out any / all of the listed Language Service Lots

— The geographic areas they can cover. Further competitions are dependant on the specific requirements of the Trusts and other DPS users within the regions, and therefore may be for any number of the Lots

— For clarification please note that providers can only be selected for any further competitions based on the specific lots that they have expressed interest for and consequently been awarded to the DPS for, following the PQQ stage.

For example, a provider who has only been awarded to Lot 5 of the DPS will not be eligible to participate in a further competitions for Lots 1 through to 4.

The language service lots to be included in the DPS are:

Lot 1 — Multidiscipline/Managed Service.

Lot 2 — Face to Face Spoken Interpretation

Lot 3 — Face to Face Non-Spoken Interpretation

Lot 4 — Telephone & Video Interpretation

Lot 5 — Written Translation, Transcription & Ancillary Services

Estimated Budget: £116m

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