Website with CMS for School District

South West, USA

A school district in the south west of the US requires one accessible, user-friendly and modern-looking website designed and developed for every school within the district. The purpose of this project is to provide a consistent communication tool for students and families to stay connected and involved in academics and resources available at their particular school. Listed below are a few tasks that are included as part of this project:

– Implementing version history for website pages
– Implementing the ability to post and expire emergency news to all schools, individual schools and a custom list of schools 
– Implementing the ability to add, edit, and expire calendar events and edit reoccurring events
– Implementing the ability to add, edit, and expire news and edit reoccurring news items
– Optimize for mobile and create a responsive design across all devices and across all browsers
– Designing a school website using CMS design tools
– Updating global navigation
– Updating school logo and colors of design theme
– The ability to accommodate different approval workflows based on user role
– The ability to delegate a webmaster with specific rights for a certain period of time
– The ability for an administrator to view a webmaster’s dashboard and easily identify items for action.


Indicative Project Value: $250k

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